Target Elements™ - Professional Series

Target Elements™ - Born on the range.

Any of you that have instructed a firing line for any length of time have discovered the difficulty of teaching to differing skill levels simultaneously. If you stay precisely on format you run the risk of letting the top shooters go through unchallenged or the lesser shooters go undeveloped. You can call for the better shooters to slow down and increase their accuracy but does it work?

 Target Elements™ is a technique that works. Use our four inch Element for the developing shooters and a two inch for the top tier. With the flexibility provided by the element system you can place more focus targets for the better performers and leave the folks down the curve with a more standard assortment. There is huge versatility as the shooters scan the target for color, numbers or shapes as called. Granted, you can order targets with numbers and shapes but then all the targets are the same and that can be self defeating and confusing to those to which a more elaborate call might not apply. The Elements system allows you to take control of the level of instruction you are giving to the differing skill levels without adding complexity.

Extends the life of your paper targets.

For us at Man Alone Tactical, paper targets over time constitute a major expense. Taken alone a target is cheap, but when you consider the shipping, the time spent ordering, and all that goes into in the cost adds up. By using the Target Element System™ you not only teach more effectively, you also save money. Students that blast a big hole in the center of a target soon lose a point of reference for where their rounds are going. By providing a myriad of shooting options on one target not only are you challenging the shooter to a wider variety of skills, but you are using a single target for longer. How many times have you been on the range and what you really wanted to do was speak with a student but instead you had to be changing out targets? The range is a busy, dynamic place. A tool that makes you more effective as an instructor, focus on student development and lessen your tasking is a tool worth trying.

 Another GREAT application for the large selection of Target Element™ shapes, is that not all targets have to be the same. We are all used to firing at the same time. When you shake that up by not having everyone fire at the same time, or fire the same number of rounds because of different targeting, then you have introduced a new element to your teaching and a valuable lesson. Just because your buddy is firing does NOT mean that you should. Maybe. Maybe not. By building in this skill of discerning you are doing a tremendous service to your students.

If you are up for it, you will also find that Elements Target Enhancement System™ will challenge you as an instructor. If the status quo suits you, then so be it. But if you are one of those instructors who wants the most out of the students and himself, then the Target Elements™ offer a fine opportunity for expansion of both. Applying these to some of your more complex drills will take thought and planning. We refer to both as tools of growth.

Drills and Application

We'll be posting some of our drills as we go along. We will also be posting new Elements; we are at a very basic stage of this right now. Call or email if you have questions, ideas or requests for a product or need input on how to apply these to what you do.

Through our close association and partnership with Man Alone Tactical improving the standards and increasing the skill set for firearms instruction is what we do.

Target Elements™ In Action

On the range with Man Alone Tactical